Living Labs

Low temperature heat networks

Realization of and developing a blueprint for a low temperature heat grid to heat buildings and houses with residual heat from data centers

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More information around the three themes can be found on the openresearch page. 

Shaping an effective and just energy transition in underprivileged neighborhoods) 

In underprivileged neighbourhoods, attempts to realize the energy transition face mismatches between retrofit of poorly isolated houses and residents’ energy practices, and between residents and those actors planning and implementing solutions. These mismatches may hamper the energy transition in terms of effectiveness and justice (i.e. distribution of benefits and burdens; degree of access to decision‐making; and recognition of how vulnerable groups are affected by the energy transition). 

For Amsterdam Zuidoost, JUST Prepare will develop the necessary methodological and substantive knowledge and will use that knowledge to create solutions in Living Labs with municipalities, housing corporations, residents and other relevant actors.