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ArenAPoort is part of the Amsterdam Southeast borough, marked 6926 in the map. And as the rest of the city, Zuid Oost is aiming to be energy neutral by 2040. The existing energy infrastructure will not be able to facilitate this challenge, which will result in congestion if not mitigated by local flex-solutions. And the bigger challenge is to introduce an inclusive solution that ensures fair sharing of the benefits to all stakeholders. This is what LIFE addresses. 


The LIFE project aims to develop a district-scale energy management platform to resolve grid problems while integrating local stakeholder interests in its design and implementation. LIFE is funded with the MOOI 2020 subsidy by RVO.

  1. An energy trading platform for Zuid Oost that alleviates net congestion, and brings about energy savings to the residents.

  2. A user-centric design process of the LIFE platform, that can be replicated and scaled up in other areas

  3. A localized energy market of energy prosumers, i.e. consumers + locally produced and stored energy sources


Innovation Themes

  1. Digital Twin to simulate economic market for peer-to-peer energy exchange

  2. Socio-economic emulator to simulate behavioral economics and decision-making of prosumers

  3. Local & flexible energy markets, associated new governance structures

  4. Design ethnography for stakeholder engagement

  5. Living Lab framework for local user-centric experiments & iterative design

The LIFE Work Packages

The connection, monitoring and control of flex assets

Dedicate the technology developments to the considered living labs (ArenAPoort + Schiebroek) and generalize the approach for future roll-out in similar situations.

Next-generation grid management system

Mapping grid topology, integration with LIFE (market) applications and virtually managing the grid through a localized control system that can directly communicate with assets.

LIFE platform operating system

The inner workings of the platform are translated into easily accessible and comprehensible data visualizations for the end-users, and also provide the run-time environment for the (virtual) trading of energy and flexibility among users

A data-driven digital twin

The digital twin model will be used to simulate and experiment with different system configurations, control strategies, and operational policies for the area-level energy system.

Applications for LIFE

Deep integration between the Digital Twin, Next-Gen Grid Management Systems, and other LIFE applications - particularly the MultiMarketModel - combined with continuous user feedback via living lab participants.

Long-term impacts

Unite crucial stakeholders in a long-term setup and actively look for opportunities for real world experimentation of developed solutions.  

Regulation and governance of an inclusive platform

Research the different needs, preferences, and values of end-users regarding energy, investigate regulatory principles and norms for energy platforms and design principles for governance.

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Main LIFE contact: life.pmteam@johancruijffarena.nl 

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